Date Like A Woman

Use Feminine Energy To Attract A High-Quality Man & Achieve Inner Strength

The secret to finding a great man has been developing inside you for millions of years...

But you've buried it.

For your whole life, you've focused on other goals.

You got a good education, worked your way up the ladder of success and finally landed a high-paying and prestigious career.

You put so much time and effort into crafting the "perfect" life.

You have a good job, a lively social life, fun hobbies, but yet, something is missing.

How do I know this? Because I was there once, just like you.

Before I entered the dating industry, I had a top management position for a video marketing company.

I produced TV commercials and award-winning indie films. I was working a high-paying job, bought my first home at 25, and was killing it in just about everything...except I was still single.

My life was great - but I still felt lonely...

Don't get me wrong- I liked my life. I'd be out for drinks with friends or working late and I was happier than ever.

But as soon as I got home, I would open the door to a dark and lonely apartment.

In those moments, I couldn't help but wonder if I would ever find someone.

I would tell myself so many things to justify why I was still single.

I was constantly reminding myself that I was successful.

That I was focused on work, and that I had goals that were bigger and better than all those women who were getting engaged on Facebook.

"Sure", I would tell myself, "they might be engaged- but do they have the success and the life that I have?"

I was trying to make myself feel better, but now when I look back, I can see that I wanted what they had.

Working was great and I loved it, but at the end of the day, I wanted a family. I wanted a strong man beside me and I wanted to have children.

So I entered the world of online dating.

See that, that’s my actual Tinder profile.

At the time, I thought finding a man was simply a matter of getting on the apps and going on a few dates.

But... possibly like you, I learned that it wasn’t so easy.

Have you had your soul sucked out of you by using online dating?

You sign up for some dating apps, post some photos, write a witty profile, and start swiping.

You quickly discover that dating is exhausting and extremely time-consuming.

Most of the men on Bumble or Match are low-quality, and the ones that seem to have potential are flaky.

When you finally get excited about a date, you show up and within the first 5 minutes, you know that he wasn't who you thought he'd be.

Another night wasted.

You rather be having drinks with your friends.

You don't want to spend your weeknights or weekends meeting low-quality strangers.

So you delete the apps, take a break, and bury your head back into work.

You put dating on the back burner...again. This is how months of being single turned into a year and then turned into multiple years.

You won’t settle for less than quality, so when you realize you can’t find it so easily, you think:

“I’ll take a break and put dating on the back burner, again.”

If you can relate to this, I have good news.

You set out on those dating apps thinking that your goal was to find a good man, but that mentality has led you down the wrong path.

Instead, you must start learning about the law of polarity and the power of using feminine energy to attract better men.

You see, the secret to attracting a quality man has been inside every woman for millions of years. Let me show you exactly what I mean.

For years you pushed aside your femininity.

You work really hard, you’re driven and you have a job where you’re surrounded by men.

You're always trying to be the best and prove to everyone and yourself that you're successful.

That's masculine energy.

You can see the value of masculine energy because it is responsible for all of your success. It is the reason you are so independent and driven.

But what about your femininity?

Why did you push it away for so long?

Maybe, like most modern women, you secretly felt it was weaker than masculine energy or perhaps you didn't see the value in it at all.

Maybe you're not really sure what feminine energy even is.

Your feminine energy is an un-tapped strength and power.

When you learn what it is and how to use it, you will be transformed - and the icing on the cake?

It's like a magnet for attracting high-quality men.

I call it high-value femininity.

This is a woman who is passionate, independent and successful, but also carries herself with elegance, class, and softness that welcomes the idea of sharing her life with a man.

High-status men are looking for this kind of femininity.

How do I know that? Because hundreds of high-status men told me.

See, after I quit my job as a video marketing producer, I became a Matchmaker.

The matchmaking service that I was part of was not cheap, so I heard hundreds of wealthy and successful men tell me what they were looking for in a woman.

They told me they don't care about how much money a woman makes.

They wanted her to have passions, drive and goals...but they also wanted to provide for her.

They wanted a woman that would let them lead.

They wanted high-value femininity. The balance of masculine and feminine energy.

See, when you give off the attitude of “I’m independent” and "I can do it all myself," that energy is the first thing these men see - and they can't picture how they're going to fit in your life.

You're giving off masculine energy.

That's the energy you used to work your way up the ladder of success and reach your goals. That energy is responsible for making you so successful.

But it's hurting you when it comes to finding love.

You must balance the art of masculine and feminine energy.

This allows you to attract higher-quality men, set your boundaries, let him take the lead, and still be the successful go-getter that you've always been.

It's not about changing your personality or downplaying your accomplishments.

It's about bringing out the feminine energy that you already have. You just don’t know how (or when) to use it.

Rhianna's Story - From A Broken Engagement To Meeting Her Dream Man!

Meet Rhianna. Rhianna was working a high-stress job running an entire training department for flight attendants. She was engaged to a man who ended up cheating on her and the engagement broke off. She was devastated and ended up being single for two years. Eventually she decided she wanted better. So she purchased Date Like A Woman to transform her energy and met the man of her dreams!

"I Finally Found A Man Who I Wanted To Keep Around!"
I was engaged in May of 2019, then ended things a month later after, finding out my fiance got cold feet and started cheating on me 2 weeks after the engagement. To go from cloud 9 to having the rug pulled from under me was absolutely devastating. I also started a new management position 1 week after the break up where I unknowingly put all my energy and focus into my job.

I had dated here and there in 2020 and early 2021 but for one reason or another, I could not find the right men and was pouring all my energy into my job with no appreciation for my efforts.

The course taught me how to channel my energy inwards and I stopped blaming myself for every failed relationship. I started to learn and truly grow. It was with this new approach that I finally met my current boyfriend.

We've been through our fair share of highs and extreme lows together (out of our control) but have managed to prosper and support each other through each hurdle. He calms my storms and is so appreciative of my support. I am so grateful to have found him! -
Rhianna R, Edmonton AB

Yes, You Have Feminine Energy and You Crave To Have More of It

Your feminine energy is deeply buried inside of you, but it wants to come out.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you’ve been seeing a new man and things are going well. You’ve been on a few dates and you really like him, when suddenly…

He stops texting.

Days go by and you haven’t heard from him.

Your masculine energy is telling you “just reach out and see what’s going on, if he’s not into you anymore, at least you’ll know.”

Seems like a logical solution right?

Sure, but something about doing that just feels wrong.

You don’t want to be the one to reach out, you wish that he would just take the lead and message you.

That’s your feminine energy!

That’s the part of you that wants to let go of control and let a masculine man take the lead and move the relationship forward.

You can see here that your feminine energy isn’t really needed at work or in professional situations, but it’s extremely valuable when it comes to dating.

It's the part of you that wants to be taken care of, that wants to relax and that wants things to be done for her instead of always doing everything.

When you learn how to use your feminine energy properly, you will feel more confident letting go of control and attracting men who are ready to take the lead.

How Would Your Life Change If You Embraced High-Value Femininity?

With high-value femininity, you will attract a masculine man who wants to provide and take the lead.

He will be the one to text you, ask you out on dates, check-in with you throughout the week and move the relationship forward to the next level.

With high-value femininity, you will feel more confident in your own skin.

You will stop listening to stressful and negative thoughts (masculine energy) and instead, listen to the needs of your body and your gut instincts (feminine energy).

You will have a step-by-step process for how to go from dating app texting, all the way to forming a long-term committed relationship.

The foundations of what makes humans connect with each other are all laid out in "Date Like A Woman"

You will...

  • Attract higher-quality men without changing yourself or your personality.

  • Embrace "high-value femininity" which is the balance between masculine and feminine energy.

  • Use that balance to attract men who take the lead so that dating is less emotionally draining.

  • Find men who are more serious and looking for long-term relationships

  • Understand the foundations of how men think and what they need from their partners.

  • See the true value in your feminine side so that you can be more elegant, soft, love your body, and attain inner strength.
  • Discover step-by-step guides on the most efficient ways to date online.

  • Know the exact traits that make a man high-quality.

  • Know how to achieve an "inner peace" that calms the overthinking and intense emotions that come from dating.

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But Will This Work For Me?

It's easy to see the value that masculine energy gives you.

It allows you to reach your goals, be financially successful and strive to make your life the best it can be.

But what does feminine energy provide that is of value?

Masculine energy is about physical strength and outer achievements that can be measured. It's about how much money you have and the things you have "done".

Feminine energy is about inner strength. It's about being able to relax and enjoy life without stress. It's about allowing yourself to just "be" and enjoy the ride of life.

It's also about accepting that you can't always do everything by yourself, and it's okay to receive help in life.

It's the balance between being able to do everything on your own, but choosing to receive the help of someone else so that you can reach your goals faster.

The day I realized this, my life was changed forever.

"Lana has taught me so much about how deal with masculine men using my feminine energy and I'm blown away by how much this actually works! Dating is less stressful and men are treating me better than they ever have before.

I never thought I could see this much of a change by changing my "energy" but it has worked for me.

Using my feminine energy has changed my life."

-Gabby, Vancouver BC

I remember the exact day I realized this.

I had been working all day on a film shoot. I was producing, acting and writing a creative piece for a brand that I was working for.

We were filming in the blazing sun all day.

I was so busy that I forgot to put sunscreen on my pasty white shoulders.

The next day I had a sunburn so bad I couldn’t shower, wear a shirt over it or even sit still without shooting pains going through my arms.

My fiancé got me off the couch, walked me over to the bathroom and told me that he had to put some aloe on my burns.

He held me close to his body, and gently put the aloe on my shoulders.

The pain was so bad, I started crying into his chest. He held me closer, told me it was going to be ok and continued to put the cream on me while tears poured down my face.

Although I was in pain at the moment, I was so grateful for him.

I was so lucky.

I could be the independent film producer that does everything, only to come home and cry in the arms of someone who loved me so much, he’d do anything to take away my pain.

That’s when I knew I had mastered high-value femininity.

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The Right Man Will Move Your Life Forward

When you're with the right man, you don't feel stuck or restrained from reaching your goals.

Instead, it's like being on a launchpad for your dreams.

High-status men want to see you reach all of your life goals.

I remember listening to a high-status business man talk about when he started dating his wife.

He told her to write down all her dreams, her goals, the house she wanted, and the family she wanted.

He then took that piece of paper and told her that he would devote every single day of his life to helping her achieve those dreams - because they were his dreams too.

Do you feel like you could benefit from this in your life?

Having a person to help you go from your current life to the next level?

If so, the first step is to embrace high-value femininity.

Embracing this is like a magnet for high-quality men, and you don't need to change yourself. You simply need to build up a part of you that is already inside of you.

It's a much more natural and authentic way to find a partner.

If you'd like to attract higher-quality men without changing yourself and with as little effort as possible, go ahead and click "Enroll" right now.


" As a self-proclaimed independent and self-confident woman, I didn’t realize the masculine energy I was giving off was actively driving quality men away.

Sometimes it's ok to slow down and let your feminine side take charge and Lana helped me see that!"


Includes Special Bonuses!

When you enroll in the high-value femininity course, you will get a complete guide on:

  • How to Use Feminine Energy To Attract Men on Dating Apps and In Real Life
  • How To Use Feminine Energy to Keep A Man Interested and Make Him Commit To A Long-Term Relationship
  • How To Filter for High-Quality Men, Compatibility and "Divorce Proof" Your Future Marriage
  • The Secret Keys to Connecting with Men on a Deeper Level
  • How to Calm The Overthinking and Anxiety That Comes With Dating
  • A Matchmaker's Guide To Attracting Men, Finding Quality Men in Real Life and Making Them Commit.

You will also get a bonus crash course on online dating.

This course will show you how to write a profile and choose the best photos and apps to be on.

It will give you the secrets I used as a Matchmaker on how to filter for quality men on dating apps, and manipulate the Tinder and Bumble algorithms so that you can maximize success.

You will also get guided meditations that you can download and incorporate into your daily routine.

These meditations will help you unlock your feminine energy and inner strength.

Enroll today to make sure you get these bonuses as part of the course!

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"Beyond Eye Opening!"

Totally worth the investment! I had never learned about the concepts of femininity and masculinity. I had no clue I was even off balance! This course was beyond eye opening. It taught me so much and implementing small changes here and there have shifted my energy. I feel more balanced and happy. It truly changed my life and gave me confidence with men that I never thought I'd have. I'd recommend this course to anyone struggling to continue dating.

- Victoria M, Düsseldorf, Germany

"Dating Was Really Impacting My Confidence"

I absolutely love this course! I was struggling with dating and it was really impacting my confidence. With this course, I learned the power of understanding feminine and masculine energy. It completely changed my perspective on how I should be dating and it changed my life for the better. This course is a no-brainer if you want to improve your mental health while dating and attract better men!

- Jess J, Rexburg, Idaho

"I Learned To Sit Back and Let Men Take The Lead"

I looked into purchasing this course because I was struggling with finding quality men and it was really starting to hurt my self-esteem. I worried that the course might not help me out but I was totally wrong! I learned how to sit back and be in my feminine energy which helped men take the lead. It forced me to stop wasting my time with men who are not ready for a relationship or are not interested. If you're stuck in the dating scene and feeling down about it, I highly recommend this course.

- Lee C, Melbourne, Australia

You showed me where things went wrong and why I’m not happy with myself!.

The masculine energy in me raged over something that doesn’t matter long term. If I chose to be feminine and not always combative, I might have actually gotten to know him because until that day, he was consistently sweet and outgoing in calls, texts, and FaceTime.Haha.

So thank you, I am going to figure out how to bring about a feminine energy in future interactions.


"Lana helped me bring that feminine energy to help meet quality men! The system really does work! Men would get more excited the more fun I was bringing to the convo. It was actually really nice."


Your Instructor

Lana Otoya
Lana Otoya

Lana became a professional dating expert after years of working as a matchmaker for high-status clients. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Thrive Global, Yahoo News and has had hundreds of clients both as a matchmaker and a dating coach.

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